Begin each day with a breath of gratitude.

Begin each day with a breath of gratitude; giving thanks for your breath and the new day you enter. Rejoice, knowing this gift will be with you throughout the day and always.
Cultivate the breath: slow and steady, free and under control, unrestrained and readily available. Consider the diaphragm, as in diaphragmatic breathing, and breathe from the center of your gravity- just below the navel and stomach, above the pelvic area.
With your frame erect; sitting, standing, or lying on your bed; stretch your spine to its final length and a little further. Thankfully draw in your breath; consider its worth as the life force moves within you, release and rejoice. Your day has begun, move forward with compassion for yourself and others. Remember the first rule of the game is non-harm, to yourself first and also to others. Namaste’
After morning meditation of gratitude, drink a large glass of water with a full squeeze of a lemon wedge before any other food or activity. This will stimulate and cleanse the system, refreshing the yogi in ya, as you begin renewed.

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Treasure in South Florida

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Awaken the yogi within and meet the peace to be yourself.

 The Yogi In Ya resides deep within. In a place that is safe. Secure is your protected essence; ever ready and to you, always available.

Identification and recognition are not obstacles, but phases of the process by which self is attained. The Yogi In Ya is that which has always been; ever-evolving to a closer resemblance of its truth. In our lifetimes we have identified with our deepest selves, pulled upon facets of our personal truth, and realized achievements and successes in that light.

Our challenge is to not only succeed in the light, but to remain as the light through our struggles and even failures; shining through, perfecting. The Yogi In Ya was in the beginning, is now, and ever will be; manifest.



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