The National Football League (NFL) is not the usual fodder for Yogi In Ya blogs, but on this occasion, the league is wholly symbolic of the Yogi In Ya. The League has both ostracized and embraced an element of its ‘self’; that element, a single individual, now stands for it, outside of it, and embraced by it. The League is now the ego, taking a stand for the ego, to legitimately step aside, or take a knee, in order to honor truth.

“Believe in something. Even it means sacrificing everything.”

You may find that the sacrifice removes all obstacles to your belief manifesting.

The NFL represents and honors the power of self-determination and the strength of the collective will.

As do all athletics at this level.

As a culture we honor the best in the best in our Soldiers- the military elite, in our Artists, in our Students and Intellectuals, Scientists and Servants of the Common Good. In the NFL, in top level professional athletics in the United States, we honor our athletes, not just their bodies, but their wills, their intellects, their drive, conviction, and commitment to excellence.

Colin Kaepernick is the embodiment of the power of self-determination and the strength of the collective will.

Nike may be able to glean some operational lessons from its campaign model and the future he represents for culture in our global world.

Yogi In Ya applauds Nike’s choice to honor Colin Kaepernick as this iconic symbol of the potential locked into the power of self-determination and the strength of  the collective will.

Nike 30th Anniversary Ad: Dream Crazy

About yogiinya

Yoga, in my childhood, was like my gymnastics class, but had more mystery. It involved sages, mystics, and the sacred; where as a young gymnast I was focused on the physical aspects of becoming an athlete. My elders would lead me in and out of their practices as I grew up, but time would be required before I came to it my self. Having a dedicated practice and living yoga since 1994, I am loyal to my teacher Dr. Pratap, founder of Sky Yoga and the the Yoga Research Society. The concept of 'non harm' is what draws me closest to Yoga. There is great strength to be found therein on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and Universal levels. Yoga, the path, a way of life; it involves what happens on the mat, but is not restricted to happening there.
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