Practice. Start a practice. Be it 30 minutes, 20 minutes, or even 10 minutes; if those are all you have use them. Endure the effort of creating a practice that exists in your life, if not daily, regularly. Incorporate your practice into your life’s routine as a consistent presence to which your yogi can retreat for rejuvenation, reflection, and return to self. In this space and time in which you create your practice engage your senses in your yogic experience, whether you assume prana (breath practice) or asana (posture practice) or a balanced combination. Allow your senses to be exercised in your yogic experience to tell the self about its present state. Allow the self to listen, unengaged, to these messages. The messages, they are present; you, you aware, and that is all. You are aware of your breath- cool and fresh entering your nostrils, warm and expired as it exits your nostrils; breathe in positive, breathe out negative. Start today. Practice.

About yogiinya

Yoga, in my childhood, was like my gymnastics class, but had more mystery. It involved sages, mystics, and the sacred; where as a young gymnast I was focused on the physical aspects of becoming an athlete. My elders would lead me in and out of their practices as I grew up, but time would be required before I came to it my self. Having a dedicated practice and living yoga since 1994, I am loyal to my teacher Dr. Pratap, founder of Sky Yoga and the the Yoga Research Society. The concept of 'non harm' is what draws me closest to Yoga. There is great strength to be found therein on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and Universal levels. Yoga, the path, a way of life; it involves what happens on the mat, but is not restricted to happening there.
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