In the Absence of Ego

In the absence of ego you are at peace. Without your ego, which is sometimes bruised, proud, confused, unwelcome, leading astray, out beyond your control, over-inflated, defeated, attached to the moment, or clinging to the now- recognize your quietude.

Behind your eyes see peace. Within your soul draw upon the pleasantness of neither over or under achieving; rather, simply being. Enjoy.

A teacher of mine from the SKY Yoga Foundation once profoundly told our class, “If you cannot smile (while in an asana) you’re doing it wrong (the asana) (sic)” (1994, Philadelphia, SKY Yoga Studio at Garland of Letters, South St. 19102). 

A prayer for this joyous, ongoing season of life . . .

A Hindu Prayer

Lord lead us from falsehood to truth,

from the unreal to the real,

from darkness to light.

– Brahma

About yogiinya

Yoga, in my childhood, was like my gymnastics class, but had more mystery. It involved sages, mystics, and the sacred; where as a young gymnast I was focused on the physical aspects of becoming an athlete. My elders would lead me in and out of their practices as I grew up, but time would be required before I came to it my self. Having a dedicated practice and living yoga since 1994, I am loyal to my teacher Dr. Pratap, founder of Sky Yoga and the the Yoga Research Society. The concept of 'non harm' is what draws me closest to Yoga. There is great strength to be found therein on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and Universal levels. Yoga, the path, a way of life; it involves what happens on the mat, but is not restricted to happening there.
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